在杜鲁门, every step of your journey is tuned to your needs, potential, and impact. 皇冠99hg现金网 today to ensure the fullest consideration for financial assistance.




如果你’re eligible for our TruMerit Scholarship – determined by a combination of ACT/SAT score and GPA – 或者一个re applying with at least a 27 ACT/1260 SAT and 2.5平均绩点, you are automatically admitted to the University when you submit your application, 成绩单, 验证考试成绩. 要确定您是否符合资格,请参阅 TruMerit奖学金图表 或者使用我们的 净价计算器. 如果你 fall outside of the TruMerit自动录取 academic parameters, 你将受益于杜鲁门的全面审查政策.

我们的2024年秋季申请现已开放! 选择最适合你的方法:  在线申请常见的皇冠99hg现金网程序 or 打印皇冠99hg现金网程序.

  • 所有新生申请都是 免费的 提交!
  • 您可以选择使用我们的 Test-Optional政策 或者用考试成绩.
    • Note: Once you submit your application you cannot change whether your test score is included or not f或者一个dmission, but you are always welcome 提交 your test score once admitted f或者一个dditional 奖学金的考虑.
  • 有 无需额外申请 入学或竞争性奖学金.
    • 无论以何种方式申请,所有学生都将获得奖学金. 入学奖学金随录取决定一起发放.
    • 竞争性奖学金评审将于12月1日开始. 收件人会在二月份收到邮件通知.


  • 成绩单: 成绩单s with at least six semesters of high school grades are required f或者一个dmission review. 如果你在家上学, 获得普通教育文凭, 或者在不到四年的时间内高中毕业, 伸出手去 招生办公室 了解需要哪些学术文件.
  • ACT或SAT成绩: We ask all students 提交 a standardized test score — either the ACT or SAT, 我们没有偏好. Scores sent directly from the testing agency or the high school are considered official and can be used f或者一个dmission review.
  • 文章: The admission essay (1 to 3 pages) lets you personalize your application. Applicants who qualify for TruMerit自动录取 will have the admission essay requirement waived f或者一个dmission review. All students are strongly encouraged 提交 an essay for competitive scholarship review. 查看作文提示. 论文可以在申请中上传, 电子邮件 提交后,或 邮寄 到招生办公室.
  • 活动列表: An activities list, or resume, is strongly encouraged for competitive scholarship review. 活动列表可在皇冠99hg现金网程序内上传, 电子邮件 提交后,或 邮寄 到招生办公室.


入学 decisions are made on a rolling basis so it’s never too late to apply.


杜鲁门的 在线申请 成为斗牛犬的第一步是什么. 您也可以使用 常见的皇冠99hg现金网程序 或者一个 可打印转移申请表. 申请转学到杜鲁门是没有申请费的.

Although there is no deadline to apply, if you are applying f或者一个 fall start, 5月1日前申请 为了充分 奖学金的考虑. 想在春天开始? 你应于 12月1日.

请查看 传输要求页面 了解你作为即将到来的转学生的好处. 或者,看看你是否 大学学分会转移到杜鲁门.

做出录取决定, the 招生办公室 requests the following items in addition to the completed application.

  • 正式的大学成绩单
  • 论文(可选,1 - 3页 查看作文提示
  • High school 成绩单s (if less than 12 hours of transferable credit post-high school)
  • ACT and/or SAT scores (if less than 12 hours of transferable credit post-high school)
  • 活动清单或简历(可选,强烈推荐)

有问题? 发送电子邮件给我们的转学课程入学顾问 transfer@florscleaningservices.net.

如果你 have taken classes at Truman, please complete the 返校学生表格 found below.


The 留学生中心 processes the applicants f或者一个ll students who plan to attend Truman on an F-1 or J-1 visa and students who were educated outside of the United States no matter their immigration status.

皇冠99hg现金网提供全额录取和有条件录取. See application requirements for international students>

皇冠99hg现金网不向本科生收取申请费, and the application fee for graduate students is waived for international students. 杜鲁门不需要单独的奖学金申请.  所有申请都会自动接受奖学金审查.  杜鲁门是“共同申请”的成员之一. 我们鼓励你在普通申请中选择皇冠99hg现金网. 欲了解更多信息,请联系 留学生中心.

如果你 are not a J-1 or F-1 student and if you were not educated outside the United States,  你应该完成 国内入学申请.


我们的 研究生课程 have different application requirements and specific supporting documentation may be required. 在申请研究生课程之前,请查看 申请要求及截止日期. 如果您有任何问题,请随时皇冠99hg现金网 研究生办公室.

In order to be considered for 研究生课程 you must be in the process of or have already completed a bachelors degree.


如果你从皇冠99hg现金网毕业或者休息了一段时间, 你可填妥“归国学生表格”提出申请.

The 返校学生表格 should be completed f或者一个ny student who has previously been admitted to and attended courses at Truman (even if you have taken classes at another university in your time away).

更多信息和资源的归国学生,请访问 学术卓越中心.


BSN需要四年的学习,总共122个学分. ABSN要求学习15个月的53个护理专业学分. ABSN qualification is determined by the 护理学系 based on previous credits earned. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 护理学系.  

如果你是 大一新生、一年级新生或转学生, you must fill out the Undergraduate application as well as the BSN application.  

如果你 以前有学士学位或副学士学位, you must fill out the Undergraduate application as well as the ABSN application.  

如果你是 现在是杜鲁门的学生,希望转专业到护理学,你必须为你喜欢的专业填写护理申请表.

欲了解更多详情,请联系 nursing@florscleaningservices.net.

杜鲁门的 学术推广研究所 serves pre-college learners in K-12 programs and adult learners seeking professional development or personal enrichment without the intent of completing a degree program.


  • High school students planning to take courses on the Truman campus or online and who are not participating in a dual credit or dual enrollment course offered in partnership with their high school
  • 在其他学院或大学就读的本科生
  • 没有获得本科学位的成年人


  • Anyone who has completed a Bachelor’s Degree (even if you only plan to take undergraduate-level courses at Truman)


  • High school students planning to participate in a dual credit or dual enrollment course offered in partnership with their high school


大一新生或转学生可以使用 常见的皇冠99hg现金网程序. 就像皇冠99hg现金网的本科生申请一样,没有费用! 另外,没有额外的申请 奖学金. 考虑是自动的! 入学 decisions are made on a rolling basis so it’s never too late to apply.

做出录取决定, the 招生办公室 requests the items listed below. You may upload these documents within the 常见的皇冠99hg现金网程序 Student Portal or submit the documents directly to the 招生办公室.

  • High school 成绩单s – freshmen or transfers with less than 12 credit hours
  • 大学成绩单-转学生
  • ACT或SAT成绩 – freshmen or transfers with less than 12 credit hours
  • 如果符合TruMerit自动入学资格,则免除论文
  • 活动清单或简历-强烈推荐


你可以联络 招生办公室 或者我们的 入学辅导员.

以另一种表格申请, 请联系学生访问和残疾服务办公室.

皇冠99hg现金网 is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. To request an accommodation, 请联系学生访问和残疾服务办公室 at:

100 E. 正常的
(660) 785-4478

皇冠99hg现金网, in compliance with applicable laws and in furtherance of its commitment to fostering an environment that welcomes and emb比赛s diversity, 不因年龄而歧视, color, 残疾, 国家的起源, 比赛, 宗教, 性行为(包括怀孕), 性取向, 或在其项目和活动中保护退伍军人身份, 包括就业, 招生, 以及教育项目和活动. 如有查询,可联络机构合规主任:

100 E. 正常的
(660) 785-4354